Thursday, 8 March 2012

Will You Please Pick Me Up?

We take a small break from our Korean fiesta to bring you a little post from one of the Buggers, Joel. He left the rest of us alone and just went for his own food review. Once a Bugger, always a Bugger. Here's his review of Pick Me Up @ Kuchai Lama.


As I try to venture further into different aspects of blogging, I tend to always go back to food. There's something about food which just, draws me in. It's more interesting than simply going to a place and eating. It's the social etiquettes you have while you eat, like not talking with your mouth full and not stuffing 27 different things down your throat at the same time. Then I realized that it was quite stressful to be a food blogger because of all the conventions you have to follow.

And that's why I went for a Pick Me Up last Sunday with some of my fellow bloggers. No Buggers this time because everyone was busy.

If you don't know, Pick Me Up is a dessert place. That should be obvious from this signboard.

It's the perfect place for you to just have a nice, ice cold dessert to pick you up from the stressful job you may have. Everyone knows that stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Their tagline: "scrumptious desserts and snacks" promises you exactly just that.

Pick Me Up is a small little place in Kuchai Lama, which contains more than a dozen other dessert places.

This means that the competition here is more intense than your average McDonald's vs. KFC. This is the real deal. So let's just see how they stack up.

First off, ice cream burritos.

Now, this is something new. So far, I have not seen ice cream and burritos put together but surprisingly, it turned out to be quite good. A little messy to eat in that all the crumbs tend to get all over your body but a good brush will send all those crumbs flying to the floor. But overall, it is a good combination. Comes in 4 flavors; Original (original ice cream?!), Banana, Mango and Oreo Cookies.

We were probably hungry because next thing you know, you see this.

Next up, the Ice Pick.

Yet another unique dessert I have never seen before. The Fruity Ice Pick was like a giant edible, icy traffic light. With 3 different flavors topped together, with a ring of ice cream separating each flavor, this is delicious. Add in a generous serving of 3 different toppings, you can bet your bottom dollar that this is good. Well, it was good for me. C'mon, a dessert called Ice Pick won't mess up. Though the Soya, Cincau & Red Bean Ice Pick did taste a little too soya for me.

Yes, they have a healthy Ice Pick too.

Ice picks.

Of course, thanks to BenDan, who has the itchy hands of a chipmunk, the entire ice pick was demolished and reduced to ice water.

Thanks very much BenDan.

Also, bloggers doing what they do best.

Up to this point, there is nothing to even differentiate Pick Me Up with other dessert places. Wait for it. What makes Pick Me Up different from all the other dessert places mushrooming like...mushrooms all over KL? Nothing much really, aside from the fact that they do serve snacks on the side. When I say snacks, I mean snacks. This is not a place for you to waltz in and expect a fulfilling lunch. Check out the snacks.

Meet the Chilli Chic Nachos and the Chilli Fries.

This hot combo will have your mouth back to room temperature in no time. No, these aren't in the least spicy. Believe me, I know what spicy is.

It was followed by what one could only call manna. The Cheesy Nachos and Cheesy Fries.

Same thing as above but with cheese. You can never go wrong with cheese. If only they put a bit more cheese, this would have been the only thing I ate all throughout the session.

After the brief stop for snacks, it was back to desserts. Fro-Yos agalore.

Comes in 3 flavors: Mango, Blueberry and Strawberry. All very heavy tasting and very yogurt. It's good and comes in quite a big portion as well.

I had 3-4 scoops because honestly, I have a very low tolerance towards yogurt. They also had it in soft ice cream but I was too traumatized by the yogurt to taste the ice cream.

Finishing off the session was one of the highlights. Does the word 'Nutella' do anything to you? If you're still reading this, what is wrong with you? But if you're paddling away on a sailboat because you're drooling too much, congratulations fellow Nutella fan. We have the French Toast with Nutella and a side of blueberry jam, strawberry jam or peanut butter.

While I would have enjoyed purely Nutella and more Nutella, I had to restrain myself. Remember what I said about social conventions and protocols in the first paragraph? I had to abide by those laws even though it was tough as heck to resist from Nutella.

And there you have it. I was certainly Picked Up but Pick Me Up. Do give this dessert place a try. It's worth your time. I insist. All the information about Pick Me Up are below after this fullstop.

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Address: 35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-79714983


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