Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Best Beef Noodles @ Kenanga

Okay. I just had the most amazing dinner ever in a while. I didn't know that a dinner could, would and should be so delicious. Nothing can ever beat that dinner I just had. It was, and I don't care how sweeping this statement is, the BEST dinner I ever had. Ever. EVER. EVAR!

Start drooling. And being jealous.

Enough about that now. I need to get down with the details of this delicious food haven. Firstly, this shop sells the BEST beef noodles in the world. Another sweeping statement, I know but totally backed up by facts and figures.
Facts = People driving BMWs and Benz are parking at the side of the road just to get to this delicious place. At the time of my arrival, the place was full. In fact, I haven't even started eating yet and people are already eye-ing my place.
Figures = Honestly, this shop has been around for ages. This shop was around when my mom and dad were still dating and if you know, that's a really long time ago. So factor in my parents' combined ages and multiply that by 100. That's the rating I give this shop.

He agrees, but that we double it.

For one, this shop is notoriously difficult to find. It doesn't have a name because something as awesome as this doesn't even need a name for it to be famous. Heck, it doesn't even have a shoplot. This stall is located at a busy intersection in Kenanga (Ho Cheng Yuen in Cantonese). When I say busy intersection, I mean busy intersection.

Hard workers. 

There are several tables put haphazardly around a small area which used to be a temple I think. There is no kitchen, because you really need to see how everything is made. This is one of the most Malaysian foodstalls in Malaysia, only rivaled by the mamaks. In short, this is one the most awesome food places you will ever eat in.

The kitchen.

Now that we're done with the location, let's talk about the food, the actual beef noodles.

Drool. Now.

Man alive, the noodles were absolutely, fantastically, marvelously, wonderfully wow! Nothing can properly describe the taste of the beef noodles as it hits your tastebuds. It's special. It invokes feelings of nostalgia, it helps in remembering your childhood. And I daresay that when you eat at this stall's beef noodles, no other beef noodle will ever come close to it. Everything else pales in comparison. It's like watching a black and white TV for most of your life and suddenly having a plasma quattro TV. You don't know what you're missing out.

Are you drooling now? Huh? Huh? 

The reason I seem so biased is because I literally grew up eating these noodles. I had one of the best childhoods all thanks to my parents who really brought me around to eat really good food. These beef noodles merely invoke that feeling of my childhood and what I am missing out now. I mean, when I was younger, I had many happy memories eating at this roadside shop selling the best beef noodles ever. In 5-10 years, I will still be coming to this shop and eating the same beef noodles with my family. Sigh.......

The place has not changed ever. It probably will look like this 5-10 years later.

Maybe I'm straying from the point a little. But seriously, the best beef noodles in the world! THE BEST! Go try it. Unfortunately, I do not have proper directions to this place. But I'll be glad to draw you a map.

(Don't even bother to click and enlarge this)

I tried to draw a map. I failed. Terribly. This place is just too awesome to be put on any map.

(Click to enlarge)

Nah, I kid. Google Maps has everything. It's that starred intersection up there. No crap, it's seriously located there. And when you see the place, please give it a chance before running away in fear. You will not regret it. It will blow your mind.



  1. I passed by there once.. but seem like close on that day d..

    1. You should drive by there again when they're open and just stop to try their beef noodles. You won't regret it. =)

  2. Kenanga? oh really best in town? Reallyyyy?? I mau try already!!xD

    1. You really must try! Maybe not the BEST in KL but it's quite close. =D

  3. Where is Kenanga? Near where wor?

  4. I won't be able to make william bring me here for HE does not take beef -.-

  5. It looks tempting.... imma try it during my lunch time :d

  6. yeah...that shop has not changed for ages. first chanced on that place some 8 years ago and it still looks and taste the same.

  7. I used to live there and it was the best beef noodles in town!


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