Thursday, 15 March 2012

Seoul Trip 2012: Budae Jjigae (부대찌개)

Of the many kinds of food we ate at Korea, this is most possibly our favorite dish ever. In fact, this is one Korean dish you will not regret having.

Known as jjigae, or the Korean version of stew, jjigae is quite possibly one of the best things to have during winter. Nothing warms you up more than hot, steaming stew with meat and veggies.

In fact, jjigae comes in many different varieties. For the Buggers, nothing else would suffice but meat and more meat.

What we had was actually budae jjigae(부대찌개), which is a spicy, meat-filled and very, very hot variety.

The best thing about budae jjigae is the fact that it doesn't only have one particular kind of ingredient. In fact, it was packed with tofu and veggies as well. Add in a pretty tolerable spiciness level and you have a perfect dish for a freezing day. It was -1°C, so you can forgive us for wanting to be really warm on that day.

It also comes with all the side dishes you need and a bowl of rice too, just to top everything up nicely.

 Basically what everyone was eating.

Steamed Eggs

Marcus was absolutely freezing. And hungry.

He looks like a wolf, ready to pounce, in this picture. 

But he had his time to snap pictures, because his job here at Forever Hungry far outweighed his hunger. Okay, we may have forced him to do his job before allowing him to eat. We're cruel that way.

The first thing you'd notice about the budae jjigae is that it comes in a pretty big portion. I mean, for 4 guys like us, it was no problem finishing up this delicious stew.

That's one of the things I like about this dish. It's like a sharing dish, where everyone just shares and eats from the same pot.

Also, it's really good stuff. I mean, my facial expression probably sums it up.



  1. now this post makes me crave korean for dinner. alamaks...


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