Monday, 28 May 2012

Chocoholic & Candylicious @ Genting

For the most part, many of us like to indulge in the occasional chocolate just to satisfy our sweet tooth. I mean, that's what chocolates are there for. We eat chocolates to destress, we eat chocolates when we're sad and we eat chocolates when we have nothing else better to munch on. But, too much chocolate may just lead to a slew of health problems which we definitely don't want.

And that's exactly what almost happened to a few Nuffnang bloggers last Friday.

This is supposed to represent Genting. 

We were invited by the fantastic pairing of Nuffnang and Resorts World Genting to try out a new school holiday hi-tea, held exclusively for 2 weekends only. This is the Chocoholic & Candylicious hi-tea, which promises so much chocolate and candy that Willy Wonka himself would be jealous. I kid you not.

I wouldn't say how much chocolate I had on that day but it was enough to give me a slight heart attack. Never in my life had I ever eaten so much chocolate. Usually, my parents would be on hand to stop me but this time, the Genting staff, in all their hospitality, actually urged me to go for seconds, and thirds and fourths. It was insane, and yet, oh so delicious.

Genting also thought it a good idea to bring in a chef, whose expertise was in the chocolate arts. Chef Lee Seung Yun is a, and I'm reading this from her profile so I'm not kidding, world chocolate master.

A World Chocolate Master. Nothing is more awesome than that title.

She's competed in the World Chocolate Master 2011 Selections in Taiwan and came in 1st place before bagging a 4th place finish in the World Chocolate Master Finals 2011 in Paris.


"Yeah, I'm quite awesome." 

You know Genting is not kidding around when they hire a freaking World Chocolate Master to make and design their chocolates.

But words alone cannot begin to describe how much chocolate there were that day. The pictures below may blow your mind. Just a fair warning. I've been going through these pictures and I cannot believe how close I was to being an actual chocoholic. You think that the copywriters at Genting thought it creative to come up with the word 'chocoholic'? No. They were giving us a warning. 

Of course, after the chocolatey hi-tea, we were whisked down to the Universal Walk of First World Plaza to, and get this, have a chance of buying more chocolate. I think this was called the Chocoholic & Candylicious TORTURE ROOM Exhibition.

I have to say that by this time, I was so sick of seeing chocolates I almost died right there.

This is a testament of how good Genting treats their guests. They give you so much chocolate that you don't want any more. I even got a free gift box of, what else, chocolates.

There were other attractions there too. When you have fulfilled your cravings for candy, you can try out another kind of sweetness; eye candy.


Also, there's a black God of Prosperity just standing around looking buff.

He's like the Morpheus of the Genting world.

Chocoholics, this is your chance of getting your fill of chocolates. For just RM45++ for adults and RM30++ for kids, this is your chance to gorge yourself silly with chocolates. Don't miss out on this Chocoholic and Candylicious event happening these 2 weeks at Genting. More details here:

And believe me, after this one session of chocolate stuffing, you'll never want to see another chocolate again...until the time when your cravings strike.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

FH Quickie: Ribs @ Oasis

This post will be a Quickie. It's something new we are coming up with. We realized that it will be difficult for most of us to update this blog, with the amount of things we have to do (like study and work). So, a Quickie will basically be a really short post about a place we may have eaten at before.

Today's Quickie will be at Ribs @ Oasis.

It's hidden in a small remote area in Bandar Utama, which I didn't even know existed. (Directions and address will be given at the end of the post) Like an oasis in the middle of the desert, Ribs really provides a relief for the hungry belly.

If you haven't already guessed, Ribs serves ribs. I actually only got to try two different entrees from the menu.

One was the pork loin in honey mustard sauce.

 Pork loin in honey mustard sauce.

And the other was the pork ribs in BBQ sauce.

 Pork ribs in BBQ sauce

Both came with a complimentary mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup.

The mushroom soup was very nice. Unlike the thick gooey mushroom soup you get elsewhere, this mushroom soup is just magnifique. But the main highlight is the pork loins. Let me just say that the pork loins are simply the best.

The most delicious thing EVER!

 Every bite was juicy and melted in my mouth. I wanted more and more and more. Sadly, the pork ribs aren't much to shout about. Hardly any meat in them bones. But the pork loin. Wow. Must try.

Not much meat in them bones.

Definitely worth coming here for round 2? Anyone on? Pork loins here I come!

More information about Ribs @ Oasis below.

Address: Ribs@Oasis, 2 Tengkat Bandar Utama, 1-1 BU4 Oasis Complex, Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR 47800


GPS Position : N3 09.039 E101 36.621

Phone: +603 77298921


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