Monday, 23 April 2012

A Taste of French Desserts with Chef Hubert

Here we go, part 2 of the French onslaught. I promised you a handsome French chef (ladies) and some delicious French pastries (also ladies). I'm going to keep that promise because that's what we at Forever hungry aim to do. We're just evil that way.

This is Chef Hubert (pronounced 'uu-bearh' because the French are awesome that way). He's going to make your desserts today. Sweet, sweet desserts. Yum yum yum. Don't blink or you'll miss all the deliciousness.

First of all, there's the classic French tea cake with chocolate ganache.

The tea cake really goes well with the creamy foam on top and the chocolate just completes the taste. The funny thing about Chef Hubert was that he didn't finish making all of the tea cakes himself.

Instead, he had his assistant continue, which was pretty funny to see because of the difference between both of their handiworks. The master and the apprentice indeed.

Next up is the passion fruit macaroons.

I sent a picture of the macaroons to my former colleague and she gave me a 5 page Whatsapp message lambasting me for not sharing both the hot French chef and the tempting macaroons. For me, the macaroons were a bit too...passion fruity? I think it was the cocoa which gave it a bittersweet taste which I didn't really fancy.

Lastly, agrums with hazelnut daquiose and white chocolate mousse.

I didn't get to try this dessert (maybe because it was snapped up too quickly) but it looks really nice. Chef Hubert took a lot of time and effort to make a cake like this, which speaks volumes over the quality of his work. He really puts in his 100% into making a dessert.

In his own words and maybe slightly paraphrased 'Making desserts comes from the heart.'

Which is why he can come up with such delicious looking (and most possibly tasting) agrums.

That's it for French desserts with Chef Hubert. The third and final part will be the tasting of the different kinds of French cuisine as well as a short interview with Chef Hubert and Chef Darren. Wait for it.


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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Taste of French Cuisine & The World's Best Sandwich

The World's Best Sandwich. How many times do you ever hear that? Well, apparently, there have been 9 World's Best Sandwiches before this, all selected during the Delifrance Sandwich World Cup. Yes, prior to this, I thought that the Sandwich World Cup was just something kids used to pass their time. But in France, they take the art of sandwich making very seriously.

Last weekend, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to try this year's World's Best Sandwich. If you didn't know, this year is the 9th edition of the Sandwich World Cup and the winner is none other than a Malaysian. Chef Darren Chin of Malaysia made all Malaysians proud with his very own World's Best Sandwich. And thanks to Dave's Bistro, a few of us bloggers were invited to try Chef Darren's sandwich and for a live demonstration of him making a few other French dishes as well.

I don't have to tell you how excited I was to be able to try the World's Best Sandwich, incidentally made by a guy rather than a lady. But before we were able to witness the remake of the World's Best Sandwich, by the Delifrance-appointed World's Best Sandwich Maker, we were treated to a slew of other dishes by Chef Darren.

With some help from his father, who really and clearly explained what Chef Darren was doing.

'And now, he's cutting up the veggies.'

First there was the lamb loin stuffed with basil and candied lemon zest. Now, I admit that I was sitting at a corner and therefore, was unable to clearly see how Chef Darren was making this dish. I think it was using steam, rather than the conventional pan-fried or grilled method.

But I have to tell you that I got to try a small portion of it, and immediately wanted more. The lamb melts in your mouth. It's not too difficult to chew because it was just so soft.

Lamb loin stuffed with basil and candied lemon zest

The texture was just so tender. My small little bowl of lamb loin was not enough.

So little. I WANT MORE!

I wanted more, but unfortunately, so did everyone else who attended. So, I didn't get my second round of lamb loin (which I will eternally regret).

Next up was what is known as a gargouillou of vegetables. A gargouillou is also known as the garden variety vegetables. Now, now. I know many people don't like to eat veggies. One thing though, Chef Darren was able to make his gargouillou of vegetables look interesting enough to gobble up. I mean, look at it. *puke rainbows*

A gargouillou of vegetables

Finally, it was time for the main attraction. The World's Best Sandwich. Chef Darren explained that his winning ingredient was probably a dash of kunyit in the sandwich. Well, that only strengthens the fact that a Malaysian can make the world's best sandwich with Malaysian ingredients as well. As for the World's Best Sandwich, I honestly don't know how to compare it with the normal sandwich I usually eat. Made with slices of bacon and butter, with kunyit giving it the flavor, this sandwich is quite delicious really.

The World's Best Sandwich (9th Ed.)

But if you really ask me to choose the world's best sandwich, I wouldn't be able to.

All three dishes together. Beautiful ain't it?

That's it for Part 1 of the demonstration. In the next post, we will have a good looking, Asian but mostly living in Paris chef making sweet, sweet pastries.

That entire sentence alone will have women lining up a mile. So, wait for it.


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