Meet The Buggers

Ah finally the first post. Took us a while to get into the groove of actually blogging. It's surprising how an idea can bloom and grow so incredibly fast from nothing at all. It's doubly amazing that everything was planned through Facebook chat, and we all know how kooky that is. But hey, we're here and we're starting.

But first, you have to find out more about the contributors to this blog. No, this is not a one-man mission. This is a collaborative effort from a ragtag bunch called The Buggers. So, if you really want to know about the contributors to ForeverHungry, you have to read on. 5 guys who came together, bound by their love for food and collectively named themselves the Buggers. Because they really are Buggers.

Joel Wong
Writing and Blog Management

Size doesn't count when it comes to Joel. He's as thin as the chopsticks he uses and yet he eats. Mainly in charge of writing and handling blog affairs. Believes that his job is the most important one of all, but then again, he also believes that unicorns are real. Regularly blogs at Shamelessly promotes his own blog too. Remember, it's

Marcus Toh 
Writing and Gastronomist

Affectionately nicknamed 'The Black Hole', Marcus is an insane food 'expert'. It's a befitting name because he doesn't just eat, he inhales food. Sucks everything into the never-ending chasm that is called his stomach. He's a true born and bred gourmet at heart and stomach. If restaurants were needles and it was lost in the proverbial haystack, he would be able to sniff it out.

John Ho
Design, Layout, Photography

The talent behind the blog header and whatever else you may see which strikes you as remotely creative can be attributed to him. He's essentially van Gogh, but less emo and more hungry. He also handles the photography of all the delicious food on the blog. So blame him if you find yourself starving while reading posts.

Eng Chen Fai
Scouting, Feedback, Accounting and Comic Relief

His job is simple. Find good deals, calculate the offers and make sure everything we pay for doesn't surpass budget. Also in charge of giving valuable comments which are regularly featured on each post. Forms the comedy group FaiKit with partner in crime, Seah Wei Kit, tickling everyone with their brand of sarcastic humor and contagious laughter.

Seah Wei Kit 
Scouting, Feedback, Accounting and Comic Relief

Same job as ECF, only he does it without laughing his head off. Provides a realist point of view towards food, believing that humans do not only live to eat but eat to live as well. Spends most of his time with the girlfriend, making him a social outcast. No, he makes himself a social outcast.

Stay hungry peeps.

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