Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seoul Trip 2012: 감자탕 (Gamjatang)

So if you have been stalking our Facebook fan page and Twitter, we...absolutely posted nothing up. That's because the Buggers (or rather, 4 of the Buggers) went off to the Land of the Morning Calm. That's what Korea is called by the way. We Wikipedia-ed it.

Yes. We went off to Seoul, Korea for a week and of course, we simply couldn't escape from the Korean cuisine. So while it was a holiday for us, it was also work time for the Buggers. We knew that Forever Hungry needed something...Korean. 

So, It's officially Korean Week here at Forever Hungry. YAY!

The first night we reached Seoul, we were absolutely starving. Air Asia's nasi lemak did nothing to stave off our hunger. And the weather was -9 according to Google. -9 is 'Oh crap, I don't want to go out anymore' weather. Yet, we trudged on in the freezing cold. After dropping our bags off at the guesthouse, we went out to find food. Mind you that this was about midnight. Most normal restaurants would have either been closed or in the midst of closing.

But we didn't like normal restaurants. That's what led us to the only restaurant open. It's offering? 감자탕 or Gamjatang.

 This is a picture of nothing because this was precisely what was in our stomachs. Nothing.

For those of you who are not familiar with this dish, you're in luck. Gamjatang is a spicy Korean soup made with pork spine, vegetables, green onions, hot peppers and ground wild sesame seeds. And can I tell you that we absolutely gobbled up this delicious dish.

Even I, as a non-spicy eater, had 5 portions of the soup. I suspect that the freezing cold had something to do with our appetites. I was willing to eat anything, even if it burned my tongue.

But in all honesty, the gamjatang is something really nice. It's certainly one of the better Korean dishes we tried while we were there. The soup was absolutely heavenly. Mixed with the pork and other ingredients, it provided just enough flavor and taste.

ECF agrees.

The meat is perfectly tender and nice to chew.

Washed down with a shot of cold soju, this was the perfect midnight snack for 4 hungry Buggers.

 A shot! Not a bottle, ECF!

 And this is what happens to gamjatang in the middle of the night in Seoul. 4 hungry Buggers tore into this dish and made it look like this:

Yeah. Don't mess with hungry Buggers. A hungry Bugger is an angry Bugger.



  1. Wow the portion is huge? So the topping was sesame seeds? Hmm I would love to try that.

  2. the soup :D looks so nice when stuffed with so many ingredients!

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