Sunday, 11 March 2012

Didi's Gaufres Waffles, Seoul

Okay. We're back to Korea again. This time, we're visiting something not quite Korean but still amazingly delicious. We have no idea why but Korea seems packed with places to eat waffles. It's either coffee houses or waffle stores. So inevitably, we had to try it.

The story of how we found Didi Gaufres Waffle House is quite an interesting one. While we were stumbling around blindly on a particularly cold day, we noticed this small little store in the middle of a busy street. It wasn't outstanding or anything. It was just there. It had a unique, very non-Korean name too. Plus, the cold and a terrible hunger had driven ECF and myself mad.

A savior.

When we reached the outside of Didi Gaufres, there was literally no one inside. It looked deserted and kinda scary. Like one of those haunted bakeries that seem to always pop out of nowhere. But as I mentioned, hunger and cold adds up to bad decisions. So we went in. Note: This may seem like a familiar scenario. This is how horror movies usually begin.

Luckily for us, Didi Gaufres was far from a horror movie. In fact, it may have been one of the best decisions we made in Korea.

As unassuming as the place is, they serve pretty good waffles and not half bad coffee. Didi Gaufres is more like a takeaway kinda place rather than an eat-in so their shop is a little too small for 4 hulking giants like the Buggers.

Going back to their waffles. The only thing I can say is 'chomp chew chomp chomp burp.' It may have been the hunger talking but the waffles were absolutely delicious.

The very kind lady boss personally made our waffles right in front of us. That is, everything is made on order. None of that microwaving nonsense.

Well, she was the only one in the shop, so expect service to be a tad bit slow.

See how mad ECF was driven by hunger? He even wanted to drink my coffee.

But it's worth the wait. The waffles were crispy enough and yet soft. Add in the maple syrup and a scoop of ice cream and you will get a Didi Gaufres waffle.

Add in a cup of coffee and your perfect day has just been made perfecter(?)

ECF even licked his plate clean. No joke.

If you're in Korea anytime and you happen to chance upon Didi Gaufres, y'know what? Walk right in and just order their waffles. You're not gonna regret it at all.

Trust us.

Here's their address in case you need it.Address: 406-13 Jungni-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, South Korea. (It's near the University District)
They have a website too but unless you're good with Korean, you won't understand a single word.

Writing our blog address on a tissue paper. How professional.



  1. waffle plus coffee = ENJOY! the waffles at korea look more crispy and appetizing than those in msia

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  2. YORRR~ AKU JEALOUS JEALOUSSS... I TOT CAN FIND SMTHG LIKE THIS IN KL ..MANATAU.....need to 'ride' a plane for 124987nr324o miles away from KL to reach for this waffle. Ahh miss the weather there too! >.<


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