Friday, 2 March 2012

Seoul Trip 2012: Giant Dumplings 만두 (Manduu)

Ah another day in our Korean Fiesta!

Today, we're going to introduce you to some giant dumplings found in Seoul. Known as 만두 or manduu, these huge dumplings are eaten plain with either vinegar or soy sauce to dip. And when we say giant dumplings, we mean giant dumplings. Each dumpling is potentially the size of a fist.

A fist!

Okay fine. Someone has to have a really small fist but it's big enough to NOT fit in your mouth in one go. Unless of course you're like ECF, who has the biggest mouth I have ever seen. He probably unhinges his jaw before swallowing his prey whole.

Now about the dumplings.

These dumplings are huge and frankly quite popular with the tourists around the Palace area, as evidenced by the long line which greeted us when we reached.

However, the dumplings themselves are nothing special at all. In fact, we were all very excited when we saw huge dumplings but when we started eating, it became evident that we had been putting too much anticipation into the dumplings.

And at RM4 a piece, it simply wasn't worth that price. We could have eaten much better street food (in a post coming soon) for half that price and still be stuffed.

Still, we had to finish our dumplings. And we over-ordered because we were all starving.

The face of the overstuffed.

I would say, once is enough. I'm sure the Buggers agree.


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