Saturday, 20 October 2012

Buggers at Broga Hill

We have had a lack of posts these few months because all the Buggers are just getting back from their respective overseas locations. Well, except for me because I'm still stuck here in Melbourne. One more month, one more month....

Anyways, many people have been asking us, "Hey, give us more of the Buggers." or "We want to know more about the Buggers." Well, I guess the only other draw in this blog besides the food is us. And I know we're pretty interesting people so here's an old post, waaaaay before Forever Hungry even existed. It is about the Buggers, and it may shed some light on why we're awesome.

Other than eating, the Buggers are pretty fit and physically active (except Marcus "Black Hole" Toh. Seriously, even his mom complains that he doesn't exercise enough). This is when 4 of us Buggers went up to Broga Hill for an early morning hike. And it was absolutely an awesome experience.

Here's the post in its entirety.


As tired, brain dead and sleepy as I am now, I have an obligation to write about my trip up Broga Hill. Yes, I climbed up Broga Hill this morning. Yes, I did it due to peer pressure. I mean, everyone of my friends was talking about Broga Hill this and Broga Hill that.

I mean, Broga has stalks of...these things. But c'mon. It's Broga!

I kinda assumed it would be fun and because it is in my nature to be curious about what the majority likes, I just HAD to go see Broga Hill for myself.

 As shown. I've now seen everything.

So this morning, I crawled out of bed at 4.30am. This is possibly the earliest I have ever gotten up in my life and I never want to do it again for whatever reason. Dazed and suffering from a severe lack of sleep, I forced myself to take a cold shower, another thing I never want to do at 4.30am in the morning. Waking up early is never an easy task for me, seeing that I never seem to be able to sleep early. But all this has nothing to do with Broga Hill, so let's move on.

 This is how I saw things at 5.30am.
Of course, going to Broga Hill requires friends. I mean, who is going to report me rolling off a cliff if not for my friends right? I kid. Sheesh, I told you my brain was dead. I'm telling sick jokes now. And of course, I went with the Buggers. None of my other 'friends' was willing to wake up at that insane hour just to climb a hill. To see who is your true friend, ask them to wake up early in the morning and follow you on a perilous journey climbing hills in pitch black darkness. Chances are, you won't find many true friends out there.

So Broga. Was it worth it to wake up so early in the morning to check out the place? I would have to say it depends. It was certainly an experience walking the trail in absolutely pitch black darkness with only my handphone providing a small glimmer of light. It didn't help that Seah was half awake and was slipping at the more slippery slopes. It also didn't help that I was the one bring up the rear and hence had to depend on ECF's rear as a guide. As Seah likes to put it, 'ECF, when I first saw your ass, I suspected you were gay'. Y'know, I'm just saying.

One grouse I had though. I woke up super early so that I could be among the first few people up on the hill. I wanted the top to be empty so that I could have it all for myself. I'm just selfish that way. But waking up at 4.30am apparently couldn't beat some hardcore hill trekkers, When we reached the first peak, there was hardly enough room to stand. I cannot imagine that there are some people who are so hardcore, they are willing to wake up earlier than 4.30am. In fact, some of the people up there look as though they have not been sleeping for a while. I saw this girl who was rocking gently, fast asleep while standing. I know Broga Hill was a popular place but to forgo sleep, hardcore. Seriously hardcore.


And the peak of Broga Hill just came too quickly. I was so happy to reach the top and then I saw the sign.

And sighed. Only 400m. I was so elated that I managed to climb my first hill and it turns out to be quite a killjoy. 400m is peanuts. PEANUTS. I don't want peanuts. I want peanut butter with jelly and foie gras. I want something tougher than 400m. 400m is what my future boss will snicker in my ear when he sacks me. 400m is not something to be proud of.

The view was quick good, the weather was nice and my brain is now no longer processing words. Instead, let me just show you pictures. It'll help both of us.
This is how I looked at 5.30am.

Slightly more awake. Slightly.



Jun: 'I did it. I did it!'

I have no idea what he's pointing at. It's his signature pose.

Couple in their couple tees.

Seriously, what are the odds of wearing the same shirt?

Looking for rubbish.


See, Broga is not all hilly slopes. Nope, there are jungles too.




Patriotic Malaysians.


Climbing down was more tiring than climbing up.

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Well, that's it for the Buggers' Broga adventure. And if you're here for the food, we promise that we will try to get in more delicious blog posts in soon. Let the Buggers settle down first and we'll eventually get back to being awesome.

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