Thursday, 12 July 2012

Embrace Your Potential @ Chin Swee Temple Genting Highlands: Day 1

Yes. We were in Genting again. If you have been following our blog all the while, you would probably notice that this was the third time we were being here, after Theme Park and Chocoholic & Candylicious. However, this time it was a bit different. We sent ECF (and yes, only) to attend the event "Embrace Your Potential". We don't think he has reached his potential yet, so there's that. The event was held in Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands. Below is what he thinks about the place.


Hi everyone, it's me, the only ECF! Hope you guys enjoy my very own post!

Here's the mini map of the temple.

Me with my aunty bag walking up the stairs.

A cup of ginger tea, the warmest drink at Sky Terrace.

I will let the pictures below to describe the beautiful scenes at Sky Terrace.

"One does not simply disturb the Eight Immortals playing the Go (encircling game)."

The floor plan in the lift.

And then we went to 7C floor, Chin Swee Hall.

"Your prayers shall be answered"

Full of Toto/Da Ma Cai/Magnum numbers.

"If you do not study hard, the turtle will bite you!"

All the bloggers were extremely hungry after taking a long walk. So we headed to 12L Floor, Vegetarian Restaurant for our lunch session.

Abalone Mushroom In Creamy Sauce and Bean Curd With Ceder Shoots.

Our lunch!

 Mixed Vegetable Curry and the Soup of The Day

After my stomach was full with good foods, we went to floor 11th. Here was where the event actually held.

Before entering the meeting room, the facilitator released a form of relax scent around me.

Our facilitator, Ms Chim Li Yen began the program with self-introduction. Then, we learned the theory of energy and carried out some exercises to feel the existence of energy. (To do so, first you have to relax yourself completely and bring awareness to your body, for example, breathe the air into your stomach.)

Energy reaction exercise before the end of You Are Energy session.

We take a break to enjoy our tea time (YAY! FOOD AGAIN!) before we continue with the next topic "Chakras".

Some of you might ask "What is Chakra?" Well, Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel. In short, Chakras are the energy centres of transformation. In this session, Ms Chim led us with her journey through the chakras beginning with the Base chakra all the way to the Crown Chakra. (To know more about Chakra, you can always google it =P)

Okay, enough with all the theories, let's start our Tai Chi session. The session is led by David Bao, a professional tai chi and 6th Duan Wei wushu instructor. Words cannot describe how much I have benefited from this session.

Below are some pictures of our master Bao.


In the end of the session, we were all exhausted. So... it's dinner time!

Here I am, once again.

Kung PO Squids

Seaweed Soup

Assam Fish

Bean Curd With Luffa

Salt and Pepper Mushroom

Stir Fried Vegetable

The final session of the day was Mandala Colouring. There was only one rule to colour the Mandala- You start colouring the centre and slowly spread out. There were 2 Mandalas for us to colour. The only difference between the 2 Mandalas was the first one to be coloured with random colour and the second one to be coloured with your favourite colour.

The first Mandala.

The second Mandala.

Everyone was so serious.

Including myself.

And then we called it a day. Stay tuned for our Day 2 post which include meditation and discussion about the mandalas!

If you can't wait, check out this link for more info on Chin Swee Temple. 


  1. oooo! At first I thought Chakra is Naruto Chakra XD :X

  2. Hi Kian Fai, same as here.. luckily is not Naruto Chakra@@|||
    So is lots of ppl going for this event??

  3. hi just a question:

    do you happen to know how to go from Chin swee temple to Batu Caves? thanks


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