Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Genting Highlands Xciting Theme Park w. Nuffnang

The dreamy wonderland of Genting Highland which protrude out of the deep mysterious stretch of mountains in Pahang had been a tourist attraction for the locals and also the foreign tourist since many years ago. The famous Genting Theme Park had been a thrill for many generations of excitement seeking people. When we are small, we used to enjoy the rides with our family members and had a lot of fun. Although now that we are all older and matured, the fun never seems to subside a bit. In fact it is more exciting than ever when we get to enjoy it with our fellow Nuffnangers! 

Two of Forever Hungry members went for this trip: Me (Jun) and ECF. The rest were...busy.

The first thing we did when we reach the theme park was getting a ride on the bumper boat! When we are still being a kid, we used to worried that our height isn't qualified for any rides. It was awful to be left out and wait while watching others having the fun. 

AND I thought these are over as we have all grown tall and big never knowing that there is also a weight limit of 75kg for the bumper boat. Can you imagine the OMG moment I faced when I realized the last time I weight myself was 70kg and after all the calories from the good food I had?! I was literally having a thrill even before my rides! LOL
So as I went up on the scale, I tried to cheat by pushing my fingers against the fence beside it to reduce my weight "temporarily" but I was caught and my hands are lifted so as the needle.
Fortunately, I only weighed 73kg! Wooohoooo!

The expression on ECF's face explains the fun! HAHA

Next, was the all time thriller, the Solero Shot or the Space Shot. Though we have ride it many times since it was built, it still gave us the ohmph! 

For frequent riders, here's a challenge for you. Try to make a sound the moment it falls. Haha! Some of us still couldn't make a squeak.

Moving on, we went for a race at Fun-Cart. I manage to over-lap someone but I'm not gonna tell whoo~~ (with Russle Peter's dad slang). 

The beautiful cloudy sky with the Ferris Wheel.

Pirate Ship was next! ECF's favourite! LOL

He said it helps empty the stomach easier! If you know what it mean.. Hahahaha!

And before we go for our lunch, the Spinner.

We love it cuz we find it kinda relaxing. Feeling the breezing and the view around. ZzzzZZzzzzzz

ZzzzzZZzzzz snorghh...grrrhfdgrrhd oh wait what?! where am I?

Oh yeah! It's time for what we do best! EAT!
So we had our lunch at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant. The food there was awesome!!

First was the "Four Heavenly Kings" which is a name of a Chinese dish consisting of lady's finger, eggplant, petai and long bean cooked with belacan. I was good to eat with rice! I had two bowls!

Then came the Seafood Seaweed Soup. A good combinations of seafood (prawns, squid, and chunks of fish meat) in seaweed soup.

Next was the Nestum Prawn where prawns are crispy fried together with nestum oatmeal. 

Steam Patin in Soy Sauce. It was fresh and perfectly steamed with slices of ginger and chillies then topped with fresh sliced spring onion.

Last but not least, the Fried Tofu in Thai Sauce, which Joel (if he was here) would absolutely not touch.

Joel's kryptonite.

There were also fruits served for dessert!

So after a satisfying lunch, we had a free and easy time. We walked around enjoying the cool weather and at the same time allowing our food to settle down and digest a bit in our stomach.

 Of course, everyone was waiting for the highlight of the day. The SKY VENTURE!! WOOOHOOO~~~

It was the first experience for many of us including me! Imagine having a skydiving experience without the risk of having parachute failure! hahaha! I always scared of those situation. So the Sky Venture is perfect for me to experience the skydiving. It was basically a cell with four powerful turbines on top safely barricaded with strong steel web on both top and bottom. As the turbines are powered up, air is being sucked up from below causing a steady flow of strong wind that cushion our fall.

Don't let this picture fool you. ECF is terrified. 

It was so exciting. There are two round for each of us to "fly". The first one was for us to adapt to the simulation guiding us to control our movement in the cell. We all manage to control our movement steadily. 


The second  round  was rather more exciting as our flying guide carried us flying up and down in a spinning motion. Of course it was without a single contact with the wall of the cell. Each of us are awarded a certificate of the Sky Venture after that.

Alive and well.

Next, we went for a 4D motion master in the indoor theme park. The theme currently is "Haunted Gold Mine" where there's this creepy old man (the ghost) will bring you around the abandoned gold mine in a trolley. Due to the regulation in it, there are no photographs of the animation were taken.

As we leave the 4D theatre, right at the exit, we was the Flying Coaster. Yeap, it means another ride!

Okay. I admit I was scared. 

And for the finale, we all had a awesome buffet at Coffee Terrace. Look at those mouth water yummm~~  Of course, we went back to our roots, food blogging. And what a lot of food we had.

 The classic Malaysian favorite, satay!

 Salmon sashimi. Awesome.

Plenty of sushi available for the hungry people.

 YUM YUM! Fresh oysters.

Salad anyone?

 Various flavors of ice cream.

 Desserts agalore!

 Ice Kacang ABC!

 Puff tarts. 

Delicious mango pudding.

Awesome huh?! Mouth watering huh?! hehe..
That's it.. we all headed home after that! It was well worth the day and energy spent.

Look at how tired we all are. 

So stay tuned for our next exciting post! 

Signing off!


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