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Vault Wine and Bistro @ Glomac Damansara

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I know we haven't exactly been active these few months but that's because each of the Buggers have begun on a new phase of their lives called 'work'. Work; that time in each and every one of our lives where neither time nor money is ever enough. But even though we've all been caught up with our own forms of business, there really isn't any excuse not to put aside a bit of time for the most important thing; food.

That's why I snapped up the chance to go for a food review at Vault, Wine and Bistro at Glomac Damansara. 

I figured that a restaurant called Vault would be a cozy little place, lights dimmed to near darkness and having rows and rows of wine bottles lined up along the walls. I wasn't wrong. I loved how they designed the place, minimalist and simple, and perfect for a drinking night out. 

There's even a cat who welcomes you. I like cats who welcome me. 

But the interior design of a restaurant doesn't necessarily reflect on their food, as I have experienced many, many times before. Despite its wine and bistro name, Vault does their part to serve food to customers. Vault specializes in bringing an Italian cuisine, to complement the wine I guess. Below is all the dishes we managed to try out. 

 Crispy Calamari

I really enjoyed the crispy calamari (or sotong, if you really want to be Malaysian). Lightly battered and easily chewable and not at all rubbery, this is one of the better crispy sotongs I've eaten so far. Dipping it in the Thai sauce is excellent too. Weird for a restaurant serving Italian cuisine, but in this globalized world, who's complaining?

Roasted Pork Belly

This will be the first of many pork dishes we managed to try at Vault. I'm a huge fan of all things porky but the roasted pork belly reminded me of char siew. Plus, it wasn't better than the char siew I have tried elsewhere. Not my favorite.

 Prosecco Col Solivo Champagne

We were also served champagne, although with my kiddy face I wasn't really allowed to drink much. I only had one glass and because I'm not a champagne connoisseur, I really couldn't tell you if it was good or not. It was okay, I guess?

 Fried Chicken Wing

Frankly, this is no different from any other fried chicken wing I've had anywhere else. Didn't suit the vibe of an Italian restaurant.

 Arugula Salad

This is the healthy alternative to the fried chicken wings, although the bits of pork shaken in will beg to differ. Zesty, tangy and overall quite a salad.

 Seafood Marinara

The most disappointing thing about this dish is the quantity. I doubt that there is enough to feed a single person. The prawns and the sotongs are quite big in size though, and the taste of the seafood marinara is definitely there.  

 Prawn & Scallop Aioli

I wish I could say more about this dish, but I didn't get to try it because they were out of stock. It's one of those things that a restaurant really shouldn't be doing, though it's understandable since Chinese New Year is...well, tomorrow. 

 Trio Mushroom Soup

Again, I didn't get to try this because they only gave us one portion for an entire table to try. In a world where the biggest are the fittest, a scrawny guy like me won't ever be able to win. 

 Smoked Duck

This is their daily special, the smoked duck. Honestly, the portion is really little. I mean, 5 slices of smoked duck. That has either got to be the smallest duck in the world, or the duck with the least meat on it. It was good, I have to admit, being quite succulent but with the small portion, I really couldn't taste anything.

 Marinated Pork Rib

The pork ribs, which again had a very minuscule amount. It was very, very dry, another thing which really put me off. I like my pork ribs to be juicy so that I can act like Conan the Barbarian when I'm crunching on my ribs. 

Mix Sausage Platter

Who doesn't like a sausage fest (guys probably)? Vault offers a mix of 5 different kinds of sausages, including the Italian Sausage, Spicy Nungarian Sausage, Nuernberger Sausage, Chorizo Sausage and German Pepper Sausage. It's great if you're a sausage lover (nothing dirty intended). 

More information on Vault Wine and Bistro below: 

Address: A-G-7, Block A, Glomac Damansara, No. 699, Jalan Damansara, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7725 7266

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 10:30 am - 12:00 am
Sat: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am
Rest every Sunday

For more information on Vault and their special offers, you can check out their Facebook page:


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