Thursday, 29 November 2012


We here at Forever Hungry often forget things. It's because each of the Buggers have their own busy schedule, and we're also almost always looking out for more and more delicious foods to try. But the thing that we seem to have forgotten, and it is one hell of an important thing, is the fact that FOREVER HUNGRY IS NOW ONE!

Okay. We know that we have pretty much failed as the Buggers of Forever Hungry. I mean, forgetting the day Forever Hungry was launched is essentially similar to forgetting our own birthdays. It's embarrassing to have to type this now because it makes us seem pretty much like the Buggers that we are. And the fact that we've only remembered that we turned ONE almost 2 weeks later just goes to show how incredibly busy we've all been.

When we began Forever Hungry, there wasn't much of a game plan. We simply went around trying different places, taking pictures of the food and posting it up on the blog. We wanted to write about all the different places we tried, all the different foods and the times we could hang out as the Buggers. That was the entire purpose of us setting up Forever Hungry.

But so much has happened in the past one year. We're really thankful for the chances we were given. We got to try out a lot of Korean cuisine when we traveled to Seoul early this year. It was pretty amazing to be able to travel overseas, to a place like Seoul and just try out all the different kinds of food they offered. How can we forget when we killed our tastebuds on the tortuously spicy jjimdak?

We also got invited to a few events by Nuffnang, which included a crazy time at Genting's theme park, guzzling chocolates at the Chocoholics event and sending ECF to embrace his potential at Chin Swee Temple. We're really thankful to Nuffnang for allowing newbies like us to join these events, letting us meet different bloggers. It's like allowing us to further improve our street cred in the blogosphere.

We're also thankful for all the restaurants who invited us for food reviews. There were a lot of desserts to try, allowing us to settle our sweet tooth cravings. We got to try out the world's best sandwich as well, which was awesome in so many aspects.

The highlight of the year definitely goes to us being nominated for the DiGiWWWOW Awards in June of this year. It's an amazing and humbling experience to get into the Top 5 of the Nuffnang Fave Makan-Makan category, and while we lost out to the far more experienced Fried Chillies, it was still an eye opening experience for us.

We also expanded slightly to Melbourne, Australia, doing a few reviews on the restaurants. Because nothing says Forever Hungry than traveling 3000 miles just to eat. That's precisely why we have a Urbanspoon badge on the right side of this page. Sure we're still new, but give us a while. We'll push those numbers up.

It's been a year already. It's true that time flies really fast when you're having fun. And if anything, the Buggers at Forever Hungry are having the time of our lives. Here's to this year and to even more years ahead.


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