Thursday, 30 August 2012

FH Quickie: Hardware Sociéte

It's been a long time since our last post and what better way than to start it off with a Quickie? This time, the Quickie comes from Down Under, which sounds about as sexually ambiguous as we can get on a blog meant for minors.

So Hardware Sociéte.

Since coming to Melbourne, I've heard a lot about this place, mostly from Marcus 'Black Hole' Toh. He's always telling me how good the brunch is, but never able to wake up in time for it. Well, we got to try it (not the brunch menu because *surprise surprise* we woke up late.) There's always a long line outside Hardware Sociéte because it's a relatively small place, all cozy and snug. So expect wait times to go about half an hour to 45 minutes.

Hardware Sociéte is primarily a cafe, more suited for a nice cup of coffee or chocolate, than as a place to have a meal. But since it was lunch time (I cannot stress enough the fact that we woke up late),we missed out their 'incredible, fantastic and amazing' brunch menu (Toh, M. 2012). Nevertheless, food still had to be eaten.

Their lunch menu didn't have a lot of choices. Like I said, the place is a cafe. You don't go to a cafe and expect them to have a full range of food. But that being said, Hardware Sociéte does have some pretty good food.

This is their signature hot chocolate. Don't go ewwww yet because this is pretty much the unmade chocolate. Hardware Sociéte believes that you make your own hot chocolates because only you know how you want your hot chocolate to taste like (the correct answer is amazing).

What cafe is not without a cuppa coffee? Honestly, I'm not so much of a coffee person so this cappuccino tastes pretty much like every other cappuccino I've tasted so far.

The special for that day, lamb leg with a side of potatoes and vegetables. It's not very tender but oh man, the taste is just exquisite. And look at that small portion, which believe it or not, can pretty much fill anyone up. Yes, even the Black Hole was (temporarily) closed up.

Atlantic salmon with octopus.Again, the portions look terribly small, but are in fact a disguise which can even fill up the greatest of stomachs.

Seared scallops. Juicy. Very juicy.

Chicken breast, which isn't too dry either. Perfect.

Of course, what meal would be complete without the people you're eating with?

Here's a little fun fact. Remember our post on CoffeeSociété? Well, the owner shared with us that the actual inspiration for opening up CoffeeSociété is because he wanted to do something similar to Hardware Sociéte. 
If you're in Melbourne, why not pop over and make your own hot chocolate? You won't regret it.

The Hardware Sociéte on Urbanspoon

Address: CBD, 118-120 Hardware St, Melbourne, VIC (map)
Phone: 03 9078 5992

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  1. I would really love to try this place out!;)


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