Thursday, 4 July 2013

GTower's Ramadhan Buffet

In a few more days, our Muslim friends will be observing the holy month of Ramadhan, which is the season to fast, to observe and to be generous to one another. It is also a time for everyone to gorge themselves silly with food. I’m not kidding. During Ramadhan, Malaysians just like to makan, and makan and makan some more. I mean, why shouldn’t they? Restaurants all over the country are joining in the hype and are making it a point to provide us all with generous (a virtue of the Ramadhan month!) offering of buffet after buffet, at insanely economical prices, to help both your stomach and your wallet feel fantastic.

Like our namesake, we're forever hungry. So our eyes (and bellies) perked up when we were invited to a special pre-Ramadhan buffet tasting at Rajang Hall, GTower. GTower is located right smack in the middle of the city center, so finding the place isn't difficult at all. Traffic on the other hand....

The thing that we love about buffet spreads is that we can just eat and eat and eat, and to be able to choose from a wide variety as well. Variety is the keyword for GTower's Ramadhan buffet, as GTower's very own celebrity chef Chef Johnny Fua and his team will be preparing a host of tantalizing halal local delicacies for hungry patrons throughout the entire Ramadhan period.

In buffets, there is no such thing as what to eat first. Although it's been implanted in our minds that the proper sequence is always appetizers, mains and dessert, all that goes out the window at a buffet. With all that food laid out before us at this Ramadhan buffet, it took an inhuman effort to try and withhold ourselves from piling everything on our plate. Still, to make things simpler for everyone reading this, we'll follow the conventional style of eating.

For starters, you can try the appetizers, with mouthwatering selections such as the Kerabu Perut, Penang Pasembor, Kerabu Jantung Pisang and the “must-have” sambal belacan.

Basically everything here.

Once you've completed your first round, casually saunter over to the Mains section for your dose of even more delicious food such as Nasi Hujan Panas, Aloo Ghopi, Pau Goreng Berlada, Sambal Udang with Scallops, Dalca Kambing among others.

Note: In our frenzied hunger, we forgot to take down the names of what we ate. That's why none of the pictures below are labeled. Forgive us for our lack of professionalism.

Of course, what is a Malaysian Ramadhan buffet without the Malaysian flavor? Our personal favorite of the lot was the roast lamb shoulder with a side helping of Arabic rice and the satay (with choice of beef, mutton or chicken). There's just no possible way to ruin satay.

 Fancy a slice of roast lamb shoulder? The only answer is yes.

 The roast baked snapper looks mighty angry at being our dinner. 

If you feel that there is too much meat on your plate, take a stroll over to the ulam counter, where a wide variety of ulam and condiments are laid out before you.


Finally, desserts. What is a meal without desserts? With an assorted range of desserts to choose from, such as the Cendol Banana & Orange Triffle, Pengat Labu and Sagu, Rojak Buah and assorted kuih-muih and fruits, you can be sure that each and every one of your sweet tooths will be satisfied. I know because Bugger Marcus took more than 10 trips to the dessert counter, and wiped out almost half the sweets there.

None of these survived the "Black Hole's" inhalation. 

With Puasa month looming ahead, why not berbuka puasa at GTower with your family and friends? Priced at RM90++ for adults and RM45++ for children ages 7-12), you can be sure that you'll berbuka puasa with a smile on your face. I know we had silly plastered grins on our faces after the meal. Oh yes, kids under 6 years old eat for FREE.

What's more, there will be a rotation menu for the buffet every single day of the week, which basically means that you'll have different kinds of food every day. No two buka puasa meals will be the same.

More information below:

Address: Rajang Hall,
Mezzanine Floor,
199 Jalan Tun Razak.

Reservations can be made via:

Tel: 03 2168 1919 ext 7040




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