Saturday, 3 December 2011

7aste Moscow @ Laundry Bar, The Curve

When we first got the invitation for the event, we had no idea that 7aste was not a food event. I mean, it is called 7aste for goodness sake (7aste is pronounced Taste, for all you uninitiated ones). So we could be forgiven for expecting a food tasting event.

Far from that. 7aste Moscow is where beer flows freely (until 11pm when everything is gone) and...I think that's it. It's a time to mingle with the beautiful people and with friends and just let loose after a week of hard work. And of course, to celebrate....something.

Just look at the pictures to see for yourself.

 The two words which make a person crazy - Free Flow

 Vodka of some sort. Tasted absolutely devilish. 

A free vodka for all tables. I got a swig of the stuff, and a swig is enough.

 The amazing Fay Hokulani as the emcee.

 Elwin doing his magic tricks.

Joel and ECF doing their thing.

 John Ho, who was actually the photographer of the night.

I was about to smuggle it off but failed. =(

Overall, 7aste Moscow is a far cry from food reviewing. It's weird because we were really hoping for some Russian food to review. Maybe next time? Hopefully. Till then, wait for our next post.


  1. 7aste Moscow is a far cry from food reviewing? Obviously... hahahaha


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